cyanPrintIP Easy OPI 4.1

Easy OPI workflow solution for today's fast networks: free your workstations within seconds when printing without having the need to work with FPO/proxy images.

cyanPrintIP Easy OPI is an attractively priced and extremely fast OPI print server for an Easy to use and failure-free Easy OPI workflow: users simply omit the images when printing and experience instantly an enormous saving of time - their workstations finish printing within seconds. It's just Easy and Fast: no training costs for users - no changes of the existing workflow - no need to work with FPO/proxy (sample) images - no extra failure source - just higher productivity, immediately. 

Key Features:

  • Easy OPI: free your workstations within seconds when printing without having the need to work with FPO/proxy images
  • New PDF support: print PDF files through hot folders (incoming folders)
  • On 100Base-T and 1000Base-T networks, cyanPrintIP, which uses Print-over-IP, is 200%-500% faster than a print server using AppleTalk (*1)
  • On 100Base-T and 1000Base-T networks, printing over AppleTalk is up to 60% faster than with conventional print servers (*1)
  • Bundled with MacServerIP Workstation, it turns the inexpensive Windows NT Workstation & 2000/XP Professional version into an inexpensive extremely fast OPI print & file server solution for Macintosh clients
  • Load balancing maximizes the print workflow efficiency by distributing the print jobs on the fastest idle printer
  • cyanPrintIP makes the whole printing process transparent, furthermore, it allows to track down printing errors easily
 >>cyanPrintIP/Opium feature comparison chart...

Demo Versions

A fully functional trial version can be downloaded at: download_cyanPrintIP_OPI.htm.

Important Features Not Offered by Other Print Servers

The cyanPrintIP product is significantly more advanced in print servers for Macintosh clients, offering a number of features not found in other products and a superior performance, including support for Print-over-IP:

  • Unlimited number of printers, print queues, and users
  • Remote administration
  • Wizards for easy installation, setup, and customization
  • Seamless integration into Windows print environment by providing advanced Windows spool printers, which have features like indicating the status, etc.
  • Answering the AppleTalk font queries
  • Answering the AppleTalk printer feature queries

Further Features of cyanPrintIP Easy OPI:


  • OPI Mechanic: Changing of OPI links at the last minute; omitting images; viewing OPI images referenced in print jobs
  • Support of PhotoCD, JPEG images
  • Support of Tiled TIFF, hifi TIFF, multi channel Photoshop PSD (hifi) images
  • Support of JTIF, JFIF, Windows Bitmap (BMP), Windows Metafile (WMF), PCX, OS/2 Bitmap, MacPaint (MAC), GEM Image (IMG), Microsoft Paint (MSP), WordPerfect (WPG), SUN Raster (RAS), MPT, GIF, TARGA images, PNG
  • Alpha Channel (TIFF/PSD)
  • Clipping Path (TIFF/PSD/EPS)
  • CIELab colorspace
  • Separation of Photoshop's EPS files with JPEG image data
  • TIFF, EPS, PICT image support
  • Compression of OPI images inserted into jobs, results in a reduction of network traffic
  • Intelligent OPI image searching scheme: unlike other OPI servers, which ignore the Mac network path of the OPI images in the jobs and therefore often fail to find the right images, the Intelligent OPI image searching scheme traces the exact location of the right high-resolution images
  • Extensive OPI capabilities: OPI 1.3; OPI 2.0; nested OPI comments; DCS; DCS 2; EPSF substitution; support of Color Central OPI comments; optional omitting of hi-res images; images colored in PageMaker and QuarkXPress; allows seamless upgrading from an old OPI system

Product Versions


cyanPrintIP is available in a range of versions to meet the needs of different types of users and sites: cyanPrintIP for Workstations (runs only on Windows 2000/XP Professional/NT Workstation; same features as Basic version), cyanPrintIP Basic, cyanPrintIP Standard, cyanPrintIP Professional and cyanPrintIP Easy OPI are available for Windows NT 3.51, 4.0, 2000, XP (Server and Workstation/Professional) and Windows 2003 Server/Win 2008/Windows 7/Vista x32/x64.

 >>cyanPrintIP/Opium feature comparison chart...

System Requirements:

cyanPrintIP requires a Pentium processor (or compatible), 32MB or more of RAM, and Windows 2000/XP Professional, NT Workstation (3.51, 4.0) or Windows 2003 Server/XP Server/Windows 2000 Server/NT Server (3.51, 4.0) (*2)/Win 2008/Windows 7/Vista x32/x64.


  • (*1) - rate measured when PostScript Analysis is switched off 
  • (*2) - cyanPrintIP for Workstations does not run on Windows NT/2000 Server/XP Server/2003 server/Win 2008/Windows 7/Vista x32/x64
  • Specifications subject to change without further notice.

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